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Krishna Bhaskaran


Krishna brings extensive depth in leadership, entrepreneurship & technology architecture. His experience in developing quality products and services span many verticals such as healthcare, travel & education. His interests include design of Scalable Software Systems, Deep Learning and Machine Learning. BS (Honors) Comp Engg, MS Comp Sci, MBA (ASU)

Vignesh Bhaskaran

VP, Products

14 years of experience in digital technologies. He has experience with leadership and strategy with technology based product portfolios and worked with internal and external stakeholders towards customer success. He has helped drive the higher
objective of delivering quality products and services to customers. His motto has been Customer Success.

Aniket Majumdar

Senior Data Scientist

Aniket Majumdar, PhD, is an experienced Data Scientist with two decades of demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Statistical Modeling with a PhD in Mathematical Sciences focusing on Network structures and algorithms, he also holds masters degrees in Statistics, Mathematics and Operations Research.

Aditya Gopalan


Areas of Expertise: Modeling, design, analysis of algorithms for decision making in complex systems, reinforcement learning, multi-armed bandits, restless bandits, and recommendation systems.


B.Tech, M.Tech, IIT Madras. PhD, Electrical Engg. UT Austin. Post-Doc Fellow, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Aaron Arvey


Aaron Arvey, PhD, is a machine learning expert with a focus on life sciences & pharmaceutical drug development. He has lead scientific endeavors at Cornell Medical School, Gilead Sciences, Howard Hughes Medical Institute & Memorial Sloan Kettering.  Areas of of interest include non-convex training methods, boosting algorithms and CNN.  His work has has major impact in immunology, genomics, and virology.  He has authored 24 manuscripts in academic journals, including Cell, Nature Immunology, Genome Research, and eLife.

Tomasz Stechly

Principal Technology Advisor

Tomasz's experience spans verticals such as aerospace, telecommunication, healthcare, banking and education. He's an active author, mentor, open source contributor and member of, Association for Computing Machinery, and Aviation Consulting Association. Areas of interest include DevOps, Cloud, Big Data, Software Performance & Reliability, Collective Intelligence Algorithms, Machine Learning, AI, Anti-Money-Laundering, Anti-Fraud, Systems Architecture & Engineering.

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About Us

We are specialists in Cloud Computing, Conversational Design and Deep Learning.   
Our work spans verticals such as Healthcare, Life Sciences, Aviation, Education and FinTech. 
We have a Dream Team that will architect big and deliver quick.  
Voice based systems using conversational AI and computer vision based models for your business will increase your value proposition.
Above all, when we execute, we know how to do it in style - Architect Big and Deliver Quick! 
We have commercial systems experience but we pride ourselves in the tremendous amounts of Open Source systems experience we bring to the table. 
So get in touch with us now and let us help you reap the benefits of Cloud Computing using Microsoft Azure
We are a Microsoft Azure Partner

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Tel: (650) 503-6455